Founded in 2017 in Paris, France, Chocolab is a multifaceted fashion label for men and women of the new generation. The word “lab” symbolises experimentation through collaborating with different international fashion designers and creative. Chocolab combined the essences of “Streetwear” and “Fashion” to cater our never-ending pursuit of aesthetic needs in today’s world.

Our design concepts take inspiration from international trends and lifestyles, and the multi-talented generation we have now. We believe that there should be no boundaries between space, time and material, the collections embrace the now thus redefine a new aesthetic value that truly represents Chocolab.

Chocolab is about romanticism in an experimental way which constantly explore new meanings of fashion and culture. Through our fashion we are developing a dialogue with the wearer and celebrates individuality.

Chocolab will reveal their first SS19 collection at the London Fashion Week in September this year.

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Justine Fairgrieve
T: + 44 (0)7722 957986


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