IA London

IA London

IA London is a fashion start-up that designs and manufactures women’s and menswear together with accessories, using authentic imagery and advanced digital printing technology. The start-up was founded in 2017 by the Cambridge-based designer and creative director, Ira Avezov.

At the core of IA is a combination of two innovative concepts:

The Art Of Fashion. Our unique visual identity addresses the long standing challenge of integrating the design aspects of fashion with art. A sophisticated technology-based design-to-manufacturing process was developed to address the challenge: images are created first (in contrast to traditional design hierarchy) while the garments are designed digitally to organically accommodate individual images, to serve and enhance them. The process yields uniquely integrated and unmistakably recognisable garments and allows the focus to be on the artistic content.

Personalisation. IA’s mission is to pioneer the transition to fully-personalised fashion by offering a variety of authentic print options on individual garments to discerning customers worldwide. Our art- design capability, unique production strategy, and a partnership with Italy and U.K.-based manufacturers with capabilities to draw on versatility of our design, all enable our move towards achieving this vision.

Personalised wholesale – As the first stage, IA offers a unique personalised wholesale concept to high-end international retailers: a variety of diverse authentic print options on individual garments. Curated by retailer itself, every collection not only addresses the current global unprecedented demand for unique pieces and personalisation, but also tailored to the specific local audience needs, which effectively improves sales performance as a result.

Personalisation direct-to-consumer – Next stages in the company’s development will focus on implementing the proven concept of personalisation direct-to-consumer – the first personalised wearable art platform.

Sales contact

Ira Avezov

T: + 44(0)7454221975

Press contact

Justine Fairgrieve
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